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V/A "Falling Uphill" - Now available! Brand spanking new!
Buy one and get the second for half price!
Featuring unreleased gems from the TVPs, Barbara Manning & The Go Luckys, Jowe Head,
Woog Riots, Angel Racing Food and many more! Still sealed new!

V/A Forget The Radio - Heyday Records 2005
Cd featuring David J (Love & Rockets / Bauhaus) featuring Dave Navarro
(Janes Addiction / Red Hot Chili Peppers) & Stephen Perkins (Janes Addiction / Red Hot Chili Peppers).
Also featured is the Primitive Radio Gods, Marty Wilson Piper (The Church), The Nerve
DreamTal doing a Syd Barrett song and many others. $5.

Television Personalities - "Camping In France" - Recorded live in France in 1986.
Dizzying show featuring lots of classics for an evening of pop/pysch. CD version features 3 songs
not available on the LP,including 2 unreleased gems! Released on the UK label Overground

Television Personalities - "How I Learned To Love the Bomb" -
5 exclusive songs recorded in 1986 featuring the hit title track!!

Television Personalities - "Do you Think If You Were Beautiful You'd Be Happy?" -
4 song EP recorded in 1995. Basically a Dan Treacy solo session, this features some
honest and personal songwriting

Television Personalities - Far Away And Lost In Joy - 4 exclusive songs from 1994
on Vinyl Japan label, some of Dan's more personal songs

Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan - "Large Marge Sent Us" - The First album!
15 songs on the Spin Art Label. Childish fun and games in the best janglepop traditions!

Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan - "Cool" - The Last album to feature the lovely vocals of
co-singer Lotsi Lapislazuli. With this album TTBITGC take their place at the throne of indie pop.
14 songs on the Spin Art label. This is the album that made them stars!$8

Throw That Beat! - "I Won't Give Up" - They shortened their name when they got famous,
but they still rock! CD/EP with special edition digi-pac cover that opens up into 4 sections. Killer! $8

Throw That Beat! - "Superstar" - 12 songs on the German Electrola label from 1994.
Listen to Klaus rock. Hear Iwie Candy sing about being "your trip". Every song is a classic!

Aunt Wayne - "The Paranoid Pauses" - 12 songs on the Windless Air label in DIY fashion.
Give it a try! $5

David J - "Songs From Another Season" - 1990 Beggars banquet release from Ex Love & Rockets
and Bauhaus musician. Very jazzy acoustic feel.
Kinda reminds me of Syd Barrett in spots. Punch out hole $5

Television Personalities - "Far Away & Lost In Joy"
- Hard to find 12" EP from 1994
on the Vinyl Japan label.Very personal songs from Dan Treacy. Don't miss it!$11

The Househunters - "Cuticles" - Released in 1986 on the Scottish label 53rd & 3rd (AGARR 2)
Features ex Swell Map, TV Personalities, Palookas, Jowe Head on vocals and guitars. Garage-pop!

Syd Barrett - Vegetable Man Project - Rare 10" record released in 2003
Unplayed mint vinyl, cover Ex. 60 bands on Italian Oggetti Volanti label.
Bizzarre 10 sec. interpretations of Syd's famous unreleased song. $40

Klaus Cornfield - "Comes" - Ex - Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan frontman (and ex TVPs touring
buddy) goes solo. Mint condition record on the Little Teddy label. LP features extra track not on the CD.

Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan! - "Cool" - Groovy BLUE vinyl featuring the hit title track and
the "Go-Go" version of "Angels Don't Cry" -

We're All Normal and We Want Our Freedom - "A Tribute To Arthur Lee of Love" -
THREE (3) psychedelic colored 10" records.What cool vinyl! 1994 Alias Records
Features the TV Personalities, Mad Scene, Peter Principle, Eggs, Urge Overkill, David Kilgour,
Johnson, Gobblehoof, Hypnolovewheel, Uncle Wiggly, Diesel Meat, The Gamma Rays, Love Battery,
The Jetty, Fly Ashtray, The Deer Team, Das Damen, Teenage Fanclub, & more! $45.

7" Records $7 each unless noted
Lotsi & When Skipjack Tripped"
- Super hard to find Limited edition 7" vinyl EP from ex
Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan co-singer Lotsi Lapislazuli.
Features the songs "Heaven Keeps Me Still", "Band Of Fools", "Sway It", and "Gorgeous".
When Lotsi sings you will listen again and again. Vinyl and sleeve is mint.
Sleeve has a couple of very gothic looking photos. Released on the German Lollipop Shop label.

Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan - "Peng!" - Rare early release from these German indiekings.
Photo-copied sleeve. Features the songs "Just Sixteen", "Betty Boop", and "Having A Laugh".
Released around 1989 on the very collectible Septembur Gurls label out of Germany

Jowe Head - "Merman Blues" brand new 7" on Scottish Topplers label.
Features 2 previously unreleased songs in a limited (numbered) edition. Vinyl is mint, cvr very good. $9

The Bartlebees - "So Long And Thanks For All The Fish!"
3 songs on the Magic Marker/Little Teddy label.Features Dean Wareham of Luna/Galaxie 500.
60's icon Twiggy on a scooter graces the cover. This is a good one!

The Bartlebees - "You Are Still Beautiful" - the very first ever Barts release finds them
at their most amateurish and jangly best!
Features Jowe Head on vocals on one song and ex TVP Mark Flunder on guitar on another.
This record says it was produced by Mark Flunder, but on the full length album
it says they were produced by Jowe Head and Dan Treacy. Recorded at legendary Toe Rag Studio.

SOLD!!!Spin Art Box Set SOLD!!! - "Pop Licks" - SIX (6) colored vinyl 7" records!
1. Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan (3 songs) - 2. Trampoline (2 songs)
3. Suddenly Tammy (2 songs) - 4. Veronica Lake (2 songs)
5. Swirl (2 songs) 6. Poole (2 songs).
Includes toys, candy, etc. #659 out of 1500. Box is intact although has seen better days $15

7" records $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00
The Jack Rubies - "Lobster" - on the Ideal label out of England, with B-side "Horse With No Name"
Stellar Dweller - "Catlips & Kittequality" - 1994 Bear Records (NY) release
Full Dimensional - "Dust On My Bible" - 4 songs from the fellow who appeared on the
On A Distant Shore Syd Barrett tribute cd. RED vinyl!
Bunsen Honeydew - "Transistor" - From NY, they've a new single out on the Little Teddy label.
This one is on Bumblebear. Catch them before they were famous!
The Halfshank Trio - "Cilla Black's Farewell To The Nineties" - Australian band on Germany's
Little Teddy Recordings label. Some cover ringwear....
Cee Cee Beaumont - "For The Male Animal" - Another fine Little Teddy release. 4 songs

Send wants, trade live recordings, send for list!

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