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Television Personalities -

Jowe Head - Legendary musician has his own e-group!

Barbara Manning - Barbara makes beautiful music

Katze - Klaus Cornfield's new band!

The Baskervilles - Come visit!

Television Personalities MySpace - Thier official page:

The Beautiful Music - great label currently doing a TVPs tribute & more!

The Woog Riots - Germany's very own rock stars!

Sixtynine And The Continuous People - Italy's best!

The Container Drivers - See what this bunch are up to!

Topplers Records - featuring the NoMen, Jowe Head and more!

Woodstock Music Shop - Guitars, Drums, Gear and music!

Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase - Beautiful handmade acoustic guitars and stringed instruments!

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And it was dark out there, the reception in the air..." - DW