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There was a young fellow called Jowe-man
Whose digestion was that of a ploughman
His music was strange
And his lyrics deranged
But he loved to go sailing his Dhow (man)

a poem for Jowe written by Phones Sportsman


MAY 2010

DIABOLICAL LIBERTIES is the new album by Jowe Head and his current band 'The Demi-Monde'. It has 13 tracks of typically twisted Jowe Head pop and comes in a colourful digipack sleeve with fantastic artwork by Jowe himself. The sound is psychedelic, using electronic and acoustic instruments, with a European folk influence plus Indian and Moorish elements.

It will be available from May 13th at the bands gig at Cross Kings, Kings Cross, London. It willthen be available at the Topplers website from Friday 14th May at a cost of 9.99 [including UK postage]. Jowe's MySpace page has a few tracks available to listen to... Full tack details and info here - http://www.topplers .net/diabolical

The first 50 copies (BTW this is a limited edition of 100!) will have a piece of original signed artwork from Jowe. If you are at the London gig on Thursday May 13th Jowe will be selling the first 30 copies with the artwork - if you are buying them from the Topplers online shop then the first 20 will have the artwork! The online cost is 9.99 which includes UK postage.
more info at http://www.topplers .net
Allan @

News from Jowe JAN. 7th, 2010: I am pleased to announce the first headlining concert by a new band that I am playing in with Catherine (vocals) and drummer Trevor (both ex-Demi-Monde) , and Tim on cello (ex-Chrome Hoof). We are called Valerie and her Week of Wonders. Here are the details in full: The Trashville Lounge Presents.... Valerie and her Week of Wonders Bearhat Jerzey Street Squirrel Skin Slippers Paul Littler at The Cross Kings,126 York Way, London, N1 0AX. 0207 278 8318 Thursday January 14 8pm - midnight 6/5 with flyer "The Trashville Lounge - like living in a David Lynch movie!" Atmospheric alt-folk from Valerie and her Week of Wonders (featuring Jowe Head - Swell Maps/Television Personalities) , lush folk-pop from Bearhat, Manchester's finest soulful country-blues export Jerzey Street, cool country-blues- a-billy from Squirrel Skin Slippers and smokey suburban alt-acoustics from Paul Littler! DJ Grae J will be spinning a selection of floorfilling country, blues, trash 'n' roll!! "Jowe Head is backed by a new band called The Demi-Monde on recordings for an ambitious new album called 'Diabloical Liberties', to be released by Schnitzel Records on CD at the end of the year. The album tracks will be selected from a total of seventeen tracks recorded. There is also a single planned for release on vinyl.

The sound has a psychedelic feel with a blend of electronic and acoustic sounds, as well as a pan-european folk influence and Indian and Moorish elements. Contributing musicians include Lee McFadden (Alternative TV and Angel Racing Food), Jane Ruby (Naked Ruby), Kate Newell and Miss Roberts (Rude Mechanicals), singer Catherine Gerbrands, guitarist Heath Stanley (Olives Hairy Custard), violinist Phil Martin (Long Decline, Bitter Springs), and members of Chrome Hoof.

There will be some concerts involving a variety of people involved in this project. The Demi-Monde will be a flexible on-stage project involving anything from three to seven members at different events."

Jowe is in NY this April 2008(upstate and down) see the news section for more details!

Jowe Head - now has a MySpace page

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